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Ruth Coney, widow of Ran Coney can be contacted at:

Robert Stapleton, site designer, can be contacted at

Special thanks to Morris Lannom at Dixie Graphics for scanning all the slides.

Navigation buttons are a variation of the free buttons by Mark at

Special thanks to Sue and Charles Coney for allowing us to photograph the many pieces of Ran's work in their home.

Java script for the slide show was provided by: The JavaScript Source at

This site presently contains 62 html pages and requires about 4.6 mgs of space. It was created by gathering slides, photos, digital photos, and brochures and scanning or downloading them into the computer. From there, the pieces were cropped and cleaned up in Photoshop and then placed on HTML pages using BBEdit. A single free javascript was found on the web and imported for the slide show in the Ceramics section. Approximately 60 man hours were needed to create this labor of love.